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Julia Roca, Tracy Lindsay - Que Es La Pasion

Amarna Miller, in collaboration with Alis Locanta, wrote the original "Que Es La Pasion," which she also starred in. In "Que Es La Pasion 2" Miller once more provides the script, but Julia Roca and Tracy Lindsay play the leading roles. With Lindsay asleep in the bed next to her, Roca delivers an introductory monologue in her native Spanish, in which she muses on the nature of her relationship. The bulk of the film is devoted to the passionate physical expression of the love these women share. The twosome kiss with rapidly rising intensity as Tracy deftly fingers Roca's pussy. Trading her tongue for her fingers, Lindsay then briefly lick's Roca's clit. Returning to manual stimulation, Tracy pumps two fingers of one hand into Julia's pussy while rubbing her clitoris with the thumb of the other. Then, with Lindsay stripped and on her knees, Julia strokes and probes the blonde's glistening pink succulence. Once she's been suitably primed, Tracy raises her hips off the mattress and pushes her pussy at Julia's hungry mouth. The fiery tryst reaches its ultimate orgasmic conclusion with the two lovers face to face and pussy to pussy, humping with unrestrained abandon. After summing things up with a heartfelt concluding monologue, the film ends with a sweet and romantic vignette from some point in the lovers' history. A pleasing mix of the romantic and the erotic, "Que Es La Pasion 2" is passionate, sincere, and filled with sizzling sex

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