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Default Defloration seductive Rita Molokova

Defloration seductive Rita Molokova

The orgasm came all of a sudden, making her tiny body shudder in ecstasy and its horny owner moan from pleasure. It took her several minutes to calm down, and as she came to herself, her partner appeared on the stage. Looking at him, Rita felt like new wave of terrific lust is started arousing inside her tender body, as his manly look and awesome cock looked so seductive and desirable that she could hardly hold herself back.
But she didn't let herself to give up that easy and show great desire for this stud, and treated him like she was used to get fucked with beautiful cocks every day and there was nothing special for her in this action. He tried to slam his fingers inside her impatiently trembling hole, but she brushed them aside and asked for some foreplay, which she needed for relaxation. And he obeyed her like a little boy and went into skillful teasing of her skin and especially such luring pink hole with his warm tongue. Rita's loud screams of pleasure told him that moment for defloration has come and his pulsating red-headed dick pushed through weak obstacle of hymen going farther and farther with each effort. Sounds coming out of her mouth became mixture of pain and pleasure, but she didn't stop this powerful penetration, but on the contrary tried to jam this wonderful instrument even harder and make him reach the bottom of her popped cherry. She was ready to go on for the whole day, but soon flows of sticky cum told her that her virginity loss did happen and now she became sterling woman!

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