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Default Defloration of gorgeous young Nicky Satte

Defloration of gorgeous young Nicky Satte

Her smile, her little perky tits, her cute white panties and her mind blowing smell. I felt I couldn't think clearly at that fantastic moment at all. Her fascinating young body was so close to me and the smell of her dump virgin pussy simply drove me crazy. Each inch of her chaste body was luring me, torturing me, promising me heavenly pleasure and sheer delight. I just couldn't take my hands off her, I gently rubbed her crotch and listened to her moans. She was so sweet and so damn sexy that I wanted to enjoy this virgin rosebud all night long. She got on her knees and elbows and stuck her beautiful ass in the air.
I gently took her by her thin waist and pressed my bulge against her dripping wet pubis, slowly slipping it up and down, again and again. I saw her blushing and I felt her trembling with lust. I slowly pulled down my jeans and touched her virgin glory hole with my stiffening cock. She sighed and began swaying her hips, which made her shudder in anticipation of something unknown, but really pleasant, as she sighed and moaned with each next stroke. I could feel her virgin pussy leaking, as she lubricated my cock with her love juices. I felt an overwhelming wave of lust roaring throughout my body and realized that I wanted Nicky as I never wanted anybody before. I felt a strong urge to plunge into her swollen virgin slit with my throbbing cock. I touched her trembling body and moved my hand around her chest to caress her rock-hard nipples with the tips of my fingers. I felt that she desperately wanted to feel my dick inside her, but still hesitated like waiting for something from my side. I felt ready to plunge inside her virgin pussy, so I grasped my shaft and directed it between her dripping pussy lips. My heavy cock-head got an inch inside her tight pussy that tightened around my cock. The wetness and warmth of her virgin pussy made me lose control, so I sharply entered her snatch at the full length of my meat pole. She twitched and shuddered and yelled in pain, but I didn't let her go. A moment later she realized that she wasn't a virgin anymore. She felt my dick moving inside her, felt it's every inch, it's length and thickness, so she started furiously fucking me. He dripping wet pussy was tightening and loosing back around my cock, making me groan with pleasure. She realized that she was free from her virginity, so she enjoyed every moment of this new realm as I tried to get deeper into her leaking pussy. Soon I felt her gushing, I felt her hot love juices flowing down my balls onto the white sheet. Her gorgeous young body and her perky swaying tits forced me to the peak of pleasure. I was almost done and I felt that Nicky was also on the verge of bliss. I wanted to fill her tight snatch full of my cum, so I grasped her by the waist and pulled back making my cock-head reach the bottom of her vagina. One moment later I felt my balls explode and my dick shooting hot jizz into her shuddering pussy, mixing up my cum with her love juices. I felt exhausted and fell on my back and saw a cocktail of blood and our love juices leaking out her pussy. Nicky wasn't a virgin anymore and we were totally happy.

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