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Default Virgin Lily Pinkerton

Virgin Lily Pinkerton

Lily Pinkerton is so young and her natural beauty as a flower fresh and innocent. But there is one thing that can't suit her. SHE IS A VIRGIN! Her girlfriends talk about sex all the time and they said that the process of defloration is very painful. Lily can't trust her boyfriend.

She thinks that Steve need only sex, but not her love, and her fear to waste her treasure for him means less than just fleeting lust. On the other hand, how can she understand him, if she doesn't know what the sex is? Steve is cool, he had a lot of girls before her and even mature woman. So girls said. Also they gossip he had 9 inch dick. So poor girl don't know what to do! When she imagined his 9 inch cock she felt quiver. Unexpectedly for herself she decided to break barrier of flesh and be free.

Video's Screencaps

File Name: Lily_Pinkerton.avi
Format: avi
Duration: 00:31:36
Resolution: 712x400
Size: 408 MB
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