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Default Defloration beautiful blonde Natasha Tutu

Defloration beautiful blonde Natasha Tutu

Natasha was a good and obedient girl since childhood. While her girl friends went out with boys till late night she was in her bed reading books. Sometimes late at night she could hear strange noises of woman moaning from the room next to hers, they made her horny and panties always turned wet.
She didn't know what was happening to her because she was a virgin, but she wanted to know why the woman behind the wall was moaning so loud and passionate. One day her parents left to the birthday party and Natasha was home alone. The door bell rang. Virgin Natasha opened the door having only her night shirt on, her father's friend Jon came. He had a quarrel with his wife and had nowhere to go. Naive Natasha let him in and made a tea for him. They talked a lot and teen cutie told him about strange noises behind the wall. Jon was a good man and he decided to help young lady and show why the woman moaned. He sat closer to Natasha and started squeezing her tits. Poor Natasha turned red just like her night-shirt because she was confused. Jon didn't look at her face, he pounced on her innocent pussy and licked it like kids lick ice-cream. His fingers moved between virgin's pussy lips. Pure nymph was so surprised that she didn't even notice her moans sounded just like the woman behind the wall. Jon understood that he was doing everything right, he took out his fat dick and pushed it through virgin's thin hymen. Teen babe screamed when father's friend drilled her hard. Juice from cunt was dripping out on the sofa. That is how Natasha lost her virginity.

Video's Screencaps

File Name: Natasha_Tutu_solo.avi
Format: avi
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File Name: Natasha_Tutu.avi
Format: avi
Duration: 00:14:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 279 MB
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