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Default Defloration of blonde Jessica Mazury

Defloration of blonde Jessica Mazury

As Jessica was staying at her uncle's house, she finally got to meet the guy from the bushes and found him to be very nice and attractive, though he didn't dare to look in her eyes because of recent situation with the camera. So there communication usually consisted in couple of phrases during dinner or in the garden, where she was sometimes used to pass evenings. But when she discovered really cozy room with pool, she was started spending all her free time there, swimming and splashing in clean blue water.

She never saw him going there and felt sorry about it, as he was attracting her more and more, and one night she even saw him in her favorite dream of virginity loss. That night she woke up with her hand in panties, and it was all wet with pussy juice. Till the very morning she couldn't get back to sleep dreaming of his wonderful dick tearing her thin hymen apart. The next day when they all had breakfast, her uncle invited her for a trip down the mountain but to his great surprise she refused, having alleged illness. When everybody left, she went to her favorite pool and jumped into it, causing a lot of water splash over her. But when it calmed down, she saw him standing at the board, all naked and with his cock erect. It was even bigger and cuter than she expected. His strong hands took her out of the water and without waiting a minute went into thorough exploration of her virgin body. She was enjoying it so much that large sausage pushing inside her tender hole caught her totally unaware. It was a kind of defloration she could only dream about!

Video's Screencaps

File Name: Jessica_Mazury_solo.avi
Format: avi
Duration: 00:18:35
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Size: 652 MB

File Name: Jessica_Mazury.avi
Format: avi
Duration: 00:50:59
Resolution: 712x400
Size: 593 MB
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