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Kichi Mejlik losing virginity

Finally strong and handsome guy entered the bathroom. He was looking exactly like Kichi imagined her knight, which will really fuck her for the first time. Young man had perfect sexy body type, he got cool scorpion tattoo on his strong shaped shoulder, our Kichi was little helpless girl in his strong sure embrace.

This pal was professional and knew exactly how to treat the girl at first time fucking, he got in to the bathtub and was behaving himself delicate and kind, he was talking plate and hot with her, every thing was just like in Kichis dream, she was getting extremely hot, her body was wincing and she was desiring sex and afraid in same time, but the guy kept gently kissing her boobies and softly stroke her beautiful body. Blonde Kichi felt shy but her hero was confident in his motions and girls shyness did not confuse him, he stroked her legs and pulled down her pink panties, parted girls knees and started softly masturbating her virgin cunt, while sexily sucking her cute nipples and making her hot. Blonde babe got on peak of the pleasure and was completely ready to experience the joy of fucking. Then he bent her over, tightly held her fresh hip with one hand and with other hand held his tight strong cock and gently pushed his hard dick around her puss, Kichi felt that extremely pleasing pain in the bottom of stomach. Guy asked her if she is ready, and she said yes! He gently stroked her one more time and slowly but rigidly squeezed in her puss and bladed it! The Kichi's first time fuck was incredible; she got unforgettable impressions for whole life! This guy made happier one more girl.

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