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Anfisa Bogdanova Defloration (must see!)

Even the most beautiful things on Earth have to end at some point. Anfisa's virginity was a marvelous thing, but the raven-haired sweetheart is already knocking at the gates of womanhood. Okay, who are we kidding here.

Anfisa is a walking hormone hurricane, the girl is begging for a meat injection and sure, we'll give her something to remember here. Savor the expected uneasiness as our stud gets closer and closer to her rosy entrance. Some chatting to soothe the cutie and touching her boobs to help the train leave the station and travel to the land of no return... In fact, how would you handle this tight tanned-skinned sweetheart? While you're thinking about it, our boy pulls the white cloth down and starts conquering Anfisa's sweetest spot. It hurts, of course it hurts, baby, so she's trying to make him stop - but even she understands it's useless. That mean meaty cock is now deep in her untouched pussy, which belongs to a woman from now on, and that delicious bit of blood seals the deal. Who knows what kinds of depraved sexual adventures now lie ahead of Anfisa - or maybe we'll find out, let's hope for that!

Video's Screencaps

File Name: Anfisa_Bogdanova_solo.avi
Format: avi
Duration: 00:11:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 202 MB

File Name: Anfisa_Bogdanova.avi
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:20:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 580 MB
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