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Default C1235 Claudia

C1235: Claudia

Claudia 40 mins Claudia came into the casting interview with her girlfriend Andi. I could see straight away that they were close and maybe that this would cause problems. The girls said they wanted to work together but I had to let them know that they would be extremely limited to the amount of work they could get if they didn't do boy/girl scenes. Andi was against the idea of letting a man touch her love and totatlly flipped out when Claudia was warming to the idea... It got qutie intense and Andi stormed out of the office... Claudia being the older of the two was very interested in getting the well paid jobs so I carried on with just her... She bought my story and she said that she was excited about the idea of having sex with a man again after such a long time. I could tell she was loving it when I thrust my cock up her. We had amazing sex on the couch and I bolted a bit too early for my liking. Oh well when a pussy is that good it's hard to control the jizz! File Name:

File Size: 1.16 GB

Resolution: 1280x720

Duration: 00:40:27
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