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Default k2s casting (43)


Claudia (42 mins) Claudia is a business class brunette who'd been suppressing her sexual urges for too long. She has long tanned legs and a body that just won't quit. Here's how our paths crossed: It was a nice day so I went for a walk to see what I could find, armed with my trusty camera, I went prowling the streets. After a few rejections I thought it wasn't going to be my day, but then, in my peripheral I caught a glimpse of the sexy Claudia. As soon as she made slight eye contact I knew it was game on. Automatically, I went into agent mode and did what it took to get her back to my office. I took her to a cafe and we talked about her job, she was unhappy with her work, her boss was a real slave driver. She was the perfect candidate for the casting couch. I told her I could change her life if she had me as her agent. A couple of days later I got the phone call, I told her to come to my office. She seemed impressed with my spiel about working in the fashion industry and photo modelling. She was a bit on the shy side at first, but it didn't take long before I'd sweet talked her into getting naked, I could sense the whole situation was making her wet as an otters pouch. The way she was reacting when I was touching her it was very positive. It was as if she hadn't been touched in a long while. She has a smile so large it looked like she'd slept with a coat hanger in her mouth. I think she might have known deep down that I was full of shit but was just going along with it for some excitement. Anyway, it was a great afternoon, and I know we both got something out of this chance encounter.

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