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Default k2s casting (10)


Kirsten (43 mins) Kirsten was a cute hipster kind of girl, who was looking for a new vocation in life. She said she was bored with her teaching job, and that her friend had told her that I was doing casting interviews in the area. Personally, I think she needed a good fucking and came along for the ride. She freely admitted that she loved sex and was horny. She practically pounced on me, I didn't even have time to ask my usual questions. All I knew is that she was a teacher and that she was a nymphomaniac... let's face it that's all I really need to know. She was extremely frisky, and for a change it was her feeling me up. I've never seen a girl take her clothes off so quickly, but not in a seductive way, it was more of just an awkward fumble to get them off as quick as possible. Before I knew it she was trying to take my clothes off... I was thinking who's trying to take advantage of who here? I didn?t even have to use my usual tricks in order to convince her to have sex. If anything it was a bit too easy for me. Call me old fashioned but I like the excitement of them resisting my cock a bit before they surrender to me. It's no fun if I don't have to persuade them to do it. Nonetheless, I did enjoy myself and I'm sure she did. Plus, I got a creampie at the end which is always a bonus. I hope to god she was on the pill because having a child with this crazy girl would be no laughing matter. I'm starting to worry a bit I think I might have knocked her up. Her laughing at the end made me think there was something she wasn't telling me. It's not all plain sailing being a fake agent I can promise you that.

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