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Default Victoria


Victoria told me she was having a bit of a shit time at the moment. Well, it's about to get worse. She think's she's landed a porn job that pays ?5,000 a day. Well, she aint... Fair do's, Victoria is a fiesty one, she even had the nerve to question if I'm a real agent. I aint having that. Told her to fuck off. But she came back, begging for work... they always come back. Tall, blonde and fiery. Victoria questioned my integrity so I thought I'd give her a little bit of deep throat action and light spanking to set her back on the straight and narrow. To my surprise this only turned her on more. She fucking loved it! It only goes and makes her want to go harder, faster, deeper. Nearly blew my load right in her pussy. I said nearly. I'm not a 2 jerk's and squirt kind of guy, I can hold my own, but when a girl rides my cock like she did... Well, even I can't hold off cumming for too long. Damn fine shag, let me tell you. But with that attitude she might be trouble. Great girl, good fuck, goodbye.

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