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Default Lucia


Lucia came to me not quite knowing what the fuck she wanted to do. So like any great racing driver I steered her past all the uncertainty and off to the finish line. Though I must say, even when tempted her with the prize of ?3,000 a day she was still unsure! Geez, what has an agent got to promise to get into someones knickers these days, ?5,000, ?10,000? So I gave her an ultimatum, a simple choice, either get your clothes off or fuck off. Well I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the curvy tight body that was hiding underneath that dress. Great ass and perfectly toned legs. Oh, and the girl has definitely got skills, I was initially fooled by her shyness, but when she got started she nearly sucked my cock right off. What a blowjob! I put her through the paces but I just couldn't tire her out, she's like a machine. Fuck, I nearly forgot to mention orgasm, she can really bring herself off, and nearly made me cum too. Nearly. Anyway press play and see for yourself. Enjoy.

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