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Default Lexi


So she tells me she's in University, studying and she's got a shitty little part time job working at a bar that doesn't pay very much. Well, here's the thing, I don't pay too well either love. If you want to be specific I don't pay at all, you've been fucking conned love. This leggy blonde walks into my office and at first seems all shy, but when I get her all warmed up she had a right little dirty mouth on her which turned me on a treat. Let me tell you. if I'd had enough time with her I think I could have got her to do just about anything, she was like putty in my hands. She sucked, deep throated, her pussy nearly swallowed my entire four fingers and fellas she knows how to really grind on your cock. Wow. Lexi, thanks for an amazing shag, pity I won't be seeing you again. Adios baby!

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