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Default Candi


So Candi tells me she's strapped for cash and unfortunately for her I'm selling a dream, an unbelievable dream, a dream she can't afford to turn down. Darling you've been had! Oh well, another one bites the dust! Candi has a very youthful look to her, she's in her twenties but looks like a fresh 18. What can I say, I haven't had a natural redhead in years, (not enough about in my opinion) and what an outstanding pair of tits on the girl and a set of pink pussy lips that would put Mick Jagger to shame. Lovely. Anyway, enough about the girl's looks and onto her skills and by skills I do mean deep throat. Where others have failed she has succeeded, fucking gold medal love, took my cock down her throat right to the hilt. Good girl. But a fiery girl, well they do say redheads are a little fiery, but when I blew my wad in her pussy she went fucking mental and not just a wee bit, we are talking nuclear reactor 4, Chernobyl style mental. Well, check it out for yourself, enjoy!

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