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C1186: Anna

Anna (36 mins) Anna was quite pale but very classic haunting beauty about her... I softened her up by showing her some arty photos taken by a professional and told her that I could do the same for her if she played ball... I told her that I woul like to take some profile pictures of her to build up her portfolio so I could get her work. I explained to her that it was important for me to do the interview with the cameras so I could show the clients how she moved in front of the camera and what type of personality she has. Anna was quiet but she was taking it all in absorbing it into her brain. She didn't have a problem masturbating in front of camera, and even going further than that to get work. When she started to take her clothes off I know we were in for a good time, funnily enough she was into gogo dancing which give an instant boner imagining how she'd wiggle her awesome body around... Also she wearing a really nice pair of panties which was driving me crazy. After she'd aroused herself on the couch it was easy to persuade her to let me slip my dick inside. She had a lovely shaved moist pussy which was a pleasure to be inside.... After I pounded her for a while she give out a squeal and squirted all over the couch... Then I squirted myself all over her silky smooth skin.

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