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Annette (43 mins) Wow! Anntette is a genuine auburn beauty with curves that could stop traffic. She just happened to find one of my adverts, and came sauntering into my life in the twilight of winter. When I probed about her relationship, it became obvious it wasn't a normal type. She said that they had a swingers relationship, in which they go out and meet friends and basically swap partners. It was great for me because it meant that I could could get it on with this sweet girl and not have to worry about making her boyfriend jealous. Mind you he'll probably be pissed when he realizes I can't get her any work. Annette wanted to do porn in order to pay for her wedding, it's strange I know, but hey, this is the 21st century nothing surprises me anymore, I gave up trying to figure women out a long time ago. When I told her there is more money to be made doing anal she jumped at the chance. She surrendered her back passage to me in a heart beat, and I proceeded to squeez myself all up inside that glorious booty. When I'd gotten it up there she said that my cock was too big for her, but that just made me even harder. We fucked until she was orgasming in fits of delirium. I continued to pound her tight butt hole, as I sniffed her beautiful auburn locks.... When I spunked it came out in a jet of pure bliss. I told her I over shot the mark because I missed her tits and hit her right in the kisser. Well I said I missed but in reality that's what I was aiming for... Sorry Annette.

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