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C1038: Abigale

Abigale (42mins) I was very nervous when she first arrived, like a pink-nippled, timid little angel. Her green eyes and her amazingly firm butt made me very excited. Her pussy was fresh and bald, like a paper cut framed by cotton candy, and smelling just as sweet. She was shy and seemed quite prim and proper, maybe she try to prove to her rich Daddy that she doesn't need his money. She was extremely inexperienced, which made things even more exciting for me. She said that no one had cum inside her before so just had to be her first! I couldn't hold back, her little pink pussy milked my cock and gobbled up my sperm. Hopefully I didn't put a bun in her baby-oven, I'm a bit worried because I did shoot deep inside her young belly, and these young girls are ripe and ready to fertilise! I don't want her Dad coming to find me with a baseball bat.

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