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Default Chrissy's Pussy Filled With Cum

Chrissy's Pussy Filled With Cum

Chrissy is a bit worried about her grades in school this semester. She goes to her teacher to ask what can be done to improve her grades and make her parents happy. Chrissy hints to him that she would do "anything". Before you know it, she begins to undress herself, which make the teachers cock noticabley hard. She wants to fuck him but insistes that he wear a condom, which he complies. Chrissy climbs on the desk and lets the teacher slide his hard cock into her wet pussy. When Chrissy wants to be fucked from behind, the teacher turns her around and when she's not looking slides the condom off of his cock and fucks her bare. Once the teacher cums, Chrissy could feel his cum inside of her pussy she knows that he came inside of her. When she looks down, her pussy hass cum all over the outside and dripping onto the teachers desk.

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