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When I think of an art project, I think of storyboards, color wheels, rulers, erasers and all nighters. But when these college students from California think of art projects they go a few steps beyond normal settings. These kids somehow managed to get loads of paint, covered their dorm with plastic and paper and got a bunch of hot ass chicks to come over and paint each other up. At first everybody was being very careful not to make a mess, but all of that went out the window right away. There was paint flying all over the place. Their clothes were drenched in it also. The next move was to get naked and continue with steamy body paint. You can imagine where it goes from there. If you have never seen a sex party with a bevy of beauties covered in hues of blues, red, yellow, etc. then you are in for a surprise. Treat your palette to these pretty girls working hard on an art project you will not soon forget.

Art fun

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