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Default Mia

Tyler got out of the shower to find a text message from his girl. He couldn't believe what he read. It's not bad enough to get dumped, but through a text? Needless to say, he was furious. Tyler went to ask his sister if she knew what was going on, but on the way, he was met by her friend Mia. She explained she'd heard his girl broke up with him because his cock was too small. That really set Tyler off. He told Mia how his girl talked a big game, but was really prude and never touched him. Mia explained to Tyler she wasn't prude and wanted to see about his cock size. Being Mia was his little sister's friend, he had to ask and found out she recently turned 18. Tyler saw his chance at revenge, and Mia was pleasantly surprised by what he was packing. She showed Tyler what she was about, grabbed his cock, and gave him an incredible blow job. He proceeded to stroke her pussy and even blew off steam by blasting his load onto her face.

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