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Default Connor fucks Olivia

Connor fucks Olivia

It's been a while since Connor had some good old-fashioned one-on-one time with a girl on ACS. The sparks have been flying between the two of them ever since Olivia came to us – so I decided to let them push all that flirting to the next stage. And boy, is it worth it! Connor takes his time kissing and undressing Olivia. He slides his tongue and lips up and down her breasts and her neck. Olivia slips her hand down the front of Connor's pants and plays with his cock. He stands up and his big, stiff dick pops out as he takes off his jeans. Olivia says that's much better! She immediately goes down on Connor. Connor tells Pete he should check out this view – and he grabs the camera and focuses it straight down on the blowjob she's giving him! Connor tells Olivia to suck his balls. His cock points straight up to the camera lens as she licks his nuts! Pete tells Connor it's time to get her naked,too. Connor pulls off her pants and slides his tongue into her hot pussy. Olivia whimpers as Connor eats her out. Connor loves to eat pussy and from the sound of it, Olivia's loving his skills! She sits up to suck his cock one more time, then he stuffs his dick into her. Connor rams his thick cock inside Olivia. He hammers her, and Olivia's tits bounce as she gets fucked. She squeals with delight. Connor pulls out, teases her pussy lips, then shoves his dick back in. He grabs the camera again. Connor zooms in for a closeup of him pounding Olivia! Then he ditches the camera to kiss her and tell her to ride him. She climbs up on his cock. Olivia grinds furiously onto his dick. Connor smacks her ass. She fucks him faster, grabbing onto his massive chest for support. Connor holds her hips so he can drill up into her harder. Olivia bounces up and down on Connor's cock. She watches herself in the mirror as she leans back, taking every inch of his cock. She hops off and goes down on his cock again. Olivia slides her tongue downwards and starts rimming Connor's ass! She climbs back on top of Connor. “You gonna come for me?” Olivia asks. She grinds down on him faster and faster. She slows down and Connor sucks on her finger as she slides up and down on his dick. Connor pulls out and shoots his load all over his abs. Olivia sucks his cock, draining every last drop. She licks his cum off his abs, then kisses him, her mouth still full of his cum! If you watch only one straight video this year … it should be this one!

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