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Default Giselle Leon

I have had this girl Lexii baby sitting for me a few times. She seems like a nice girl that does not disrespect my house. I was getting ready to leave when I over heard her on the cellphone. She had a lot to say about me, my cock, and her masturbating. I pretty much interrupted her, and she was all smiles but a little embarrassed. I comforted her and told her it was a normal thing. She grabbed my cock and said lets have some fun since I knew everything. She made sure I knew she was eighteen. Lexii had the cutest little pink nipples. Her pussy was a perfect match. She loved it when I fucked her tight wet hole with my tongue, but I loved it even more when I slide my dick inside it. Her body was so tight and clean. I am going to have her cum over more often, and she is going to be doing a different kind of sitting.

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