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Default Alexis Adams

Pure18 - Alexis Adams - Piece Of Pie
Added: April 19, 2013

While being tutored for German Alexis becomes incredibly bored. She starts texting her friends and stops answering her tutor. Mick, the tutor, gives up and starts to leave and threatens to tell her father the situation. Alexis quickly changes her tune, but instead of begging him not to tell she does what any ambitious, 18 year old hottie would do. She starts flirting with the tutor and showing off her sweet, supple breasts. The tutor resists, so she takes his hand and places it on her tit while unzipping his pants and giving him a handjob. With things as far as they are now it only takes a few words to get Mick on her side. As Alexis gets on her knees in front of him Mick does the only rational thing he can think of and gives into his desires. They soon move to Alexis bed where Mick gets a nice look and taste of her tight, little, shaved pussy. From here they fuck, and fuck, and fuck some more. Alexis shows this isnt her first time and Mick has his hands full. Alexis wants him to cum all over her face and not wanting to disappoint this eager, young beauty Mick does just as she wants.

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Duration: 00:34:12
Resolution: 1920x1080

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