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Default Tanner Mayes

Tanner goes to an expensive school, has expensive tastes and just a new, very expensive driver to take her to and from school. But she still has a taste for the basics on any girls list, like a big dick and a guy who can wield it like the mighty sword, Excalibur. Well, lucky for her her dad fucked up and hired Ramon. Tanner just couldnt keep her little fingers out of her pink pussy when thinking of her new chauffeur and hurried to her room to get off, forgetting her purse in the process. Ramon found it and, meaning to simply return it walked into a very sexy situation. One thing led to another and his face was in that little pink snatch in a jiffy. She sucked and his cock with a certain amount of nastiness that a girl either has, or doesnt. You cant fake shit like that. After a little foreplay Ramon went in like a superstar, waxing and taxing that butt. Tanner may have more money than Ramon, but he has the skills to eat that ass up!

File: young_hot_and_horny_big.wmv
Size: 345.83 MiB
Duration: 00:33:14
Resolution: 720x404

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